Recrutiment Process

We specialize in the search, evaluation and selection of the best talent for positions from basic to managerial levels, understanding and adapting to the needs of the companies.

Our process

Research of one or several positions in the market to evaluate who occupies these positions, how the area is structured, what are the responsibilities and gather information about compensation packages.
Extensive research is conducted to identify and collect data on potential candidates within the chosen market.
An assessment is performed to each candidate to measure behavioral styles, motivators and leadership style.
Process by which candidates are evaluated through a general review of their personal life, academic background, professional experience and competencies.


We develop training programs according to the needs of your organization, learn more about our high impact programs.


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Juan Esteban MarthÁ

Organizational Development Manager

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  • Highly Focused on Customer Service.
  • Open to Listen.
  • Well comprehension of needs.
  • Innovative with processes and trainings.
  • I highly recommend Laborintos.

"Leadership starts with self-awareness, you cannot improve a weakness or failure if you are not aware of its existence."

Robin Sharma


En LABORINTOS ayudamos a las organizaciones y a las personas a impulsar resultados sostenibles promoviendo cambios efectivos y apretura de conciencia. Apoyamos a las empresas en la búsqueda de los mejores talentos ajustados a su cultura organizacional y a las personas las apoyamos en el proceso de búsqueda del camino que realmente los conduzca a la felicidad.

La base de las empresas son las personas, si usted cuida de sus empleados ellos se encargarán de cuidar de la empresa, los procesos y los clientes. Buscamos que las personas trabajen desde el bienestar, no desde el estrés y el miedo.

Beneficios de nuestros talleres de autoconocimiento, liderazgo consciente y espiritualidad

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Our extensive experience in different industry sectors allows us to offer you customized solutions for your needs.

Development Phases

Understanding the organizational culture and profiling of the position with the customer

Search and filtering of resumes that match the required profile.

Competency-based interviews of candidates matching the required profile


Evaluation of candidates

Presentation of Shortlist

Follow-up and feedback to candidates

Closing of the process

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