How to stimulate creativity at work?

The workplace can become an innovative environment, the key is to open spaces and stop being afraid to break the mold.

The world moves at an overwhelming speed. Day after day new inventions, developments and technologies come into our hands, while we spend hours in front of the office computer screen completing routine tasks that never seem to end. Why don't we come up with those revolutionary ideas that change the world? It seems so easy for Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but we can't even think of a way to make that process more efficient in the company or have trouble making an impact on the sales campaign we are working on.

You don't need to be a genius to have a good idea, it's about thinking outside the box. Everyone has a background and personal experience that makes their way of seeing the world unique, you just have to use that particular vision to create different things. Carlos Echavarría, manager of Formactiva, explains: "There are two types of knowledge, the horizontal, which we acquire in other disciplines, and the vertical, which we have when we prepare ourselves to become professionals in something. It is at the intersection of the two that creativity arises, which is applied knowledge".

Among Formactiva's specialties is designing workshops to stimulate creativity and the flow of ideas in companies. One of the first lessons in their workshops is the need to break the daily routine to stimulate creativity, to do even the little things differently to see everything from other perspectives. Likewise, it is important for companies to get involved to generate spaces that allow their employees to carry out these explorations, as Jesús Villena López, ergonomist at the Institute for Industrial Safety Culture, agrees: "It is very important that the new management methods make it easier for workers to identify dysfunctions and propose improvement actions. We know that the process of building collective well-being in a company is a matter of two".

Companies need to stop thinking about finding people who fit their schemes, and instead try to recruit talent that can bring new things to the table.even if this means having to adapt to them. Companies like Google and Facebook believe that in order to get the best out of people it is very important to give them very high margins of maneuver, they must have the ability to set their own goals, their own work spaces and their own time off," says Villena.

Innovation is a challenge that must be taken up by both the company and the employee. The former must expand their frontiers, while the latter must forget the limits and always get out of the routine.

Here are some creative exercises recommended by experts:

- Sit in a quiet place for 90 minutes and write on colored paper 100 creations you have made in your life. You will see that you have potential.

- For 60 seconds, try to find the relationship between two completely opposite things, for example, a dog and a refrigerator: they have four legs, they keep food...

- Form working groups and ask them to create a device that will prevent an egg from breaking when it falls. Although there will be different sensibilities, they will complement each other.

Article written by: Yok Magazine from El Colombiano | 02/05/2017

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