Five strategies to help retain young talent in companies

The economic reactivation following the covid-19 pandemic is awakening a new labor reality marked by trends such as hybrid work, the need to implement differentiating factors and affinity with the organizational culture, as well as the challenge of attracting and retaining young talent, which now has different motivations than those of previous generations.

According to Laura Garcia, Gi Group Holding's Recruitment and Service Coordinator, "it is a fact that the pandemic changed the way of thinking and acting of today's job seekers.. Generations prior to the millennials focused on salary and promotions to generate commitment and long-term projection in the companies. Today, young people are looking for competitive salaries in the labor market, growth opportunities or career plans and other benefits that allow them to have job stability, but at the same time, improve their quality of life." https://d-19441746584254961994.ampproject.net/2207221643000/frame.html

Now, these new generations are not unstable, but being a group with important work characteristics such as agility to adapt to new trends, easy access and use of technologies, and their openness to creativity and innovation, they become very valuable resources for companies that have the great challenge of achieving a more exhaustive work in the selection process and in the analysis of profiles, in order to attract and retain these new talents.

The Workplace Trends Index, recently published by Microsoft, revealed that 52 % of generation Z and millennials envisage a career shift this year to a more flexible hybrid job or even by a complete switch to remote work.

Microsoft data also showed that only 35 % of Generation X and Boomers say they are considering a job change for these reasons, although young people definitely enter into consideration many other variables This is why companies must reinvent themselves in line with generational changes.

For this reason, it is important for the recruiter to have a clear understanding of the organizational culture of the company in order to achieve the match with the candidates because this will allow him/her to estimate how fast their adaptation process will be and also to evaluate the expectations of the candidates in relation to the company's offer. In this sense, it is important to validate the personal and professional goals of each candidate, This will depend, for example, on how much projection it could achieve for an eventual career plan.

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"It is important to understand that people of this generation have a demanding attitude towards flexibility and are not easily impressed by work hierarchies.but they are motivated by the company's positioning in the market. In the evaluation of these elements, among the main ones, lies the importance of formulating strategies to attract, retain and engage the new generations in order to take advantage of their potential", said the Gi Group Holding expert.

In addition, Laura García revealed the five most important strategies that companies can adopt to retain the talent of millennials and centennials.

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