Authorization for the processing of personal data

I (the subscriber user) hereby expressly authorize LABORINTOS S.A.S., identified with NIT # 900.589.886-1 (hereinafter, "LABORINTOS "), as the party responsible for the processing of my personal data, that pursuant to the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, or any other regulation that replaces or modifies the Regime for the Processing of Personal Data in Colombia and in accordance with the provisions of LABORINTOS' Policy for the Protection and Processing of Personal Data (which I declare to know), to continue with the collection, storage, processing and use of my personal data.

I freely, voluntarily, without cost, expressly and duly informed, give this authorization with respect to my personal data, so that they may be included in LABORINTOS' databases for the following purposes: (i) analyze my profile, (ii) make searches in restrictive and background lists, and in general, to conduct a security study for the position to which I am applying, (iii) perform monitoring through video surveillance systems and/or access controls within LABORINTOS facilities and (iv) in general so that LABORINTOS may determine whether I am a suitable candidate to fill one of its vacancies.

I also state that LABORINTOS has informed me of the rights that I have as the owner of the information to: (i) access free of charge and at any time to the information related to my data that have been subject to processing and about the processing that has been given to them, (ii) request proof of the authorization granted by me, (iii) file before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (-SIC-) complaints for violations of the provisions of the applicable regulations, (iv) the updating, rectification and/or deletion of the personal data collected, or (v) the revocation of the authorization granted.

I understand that I am aware that I may exercise these rights through the service channels provided by LABORINTOS, by e-mail to asistente@laborintos.com or by physical communication addressed to the Personal Data Protection Officer at Carrera 15 No. 88- 64 Office 605 in the city of Bogotá - Colombia.

Regarding my sensitive data, I understand that they are those that affect my privacy and that of my family, or whose improper use may lead to discrimination, such as: political or religious orientation, data related to my health or sex life, and biometric data. In this regard, I hereby state that LABORINTOS has informed me that, in the event that it collects sensitive data to fulfill the purposes described above, I have the right to answer or not to answer the questions I am asked in this regard and to provide or not to provide the requested data.

As a sign of understanding and acceptance of each and every one of the above aspects, I sign this Authorization for the processing of my personal data.

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