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For both companies and professionals, the world of work is a labyrinth. Although there are many possible paths, it is difficult to know which one to take; in fact, only some of these paths lead to corporate effectiveness and professional success.

We are a firm specialized in human resources management and personnel selection, which supports professionals in the development of labor competencies and connects them with the best companies, in order to achieve a talent match with high competitive potential.

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Are you an employer and need to hire a professional?

Our extensive experience in different industry sectors allows us to offer you customized solutions for your needs.


Promote and position Laborintos as your strategic partner for human management consulting through a professional and agile service with high quality standards.


By 2030, we will consolidate and strengthen our local and international relationships with our clients, in order to contribute to the growth, relocation and development of people and companies, through the provision of an efficient and effective service.



We value people and develop their self-confidence.


We believe that both companies and individuals have the potential to grow and develop. Every human being and organization is an inexhaustible source of talent.


We generate practical and simple tools and techniques that allow our clients to create their own paths.


We have a strong and robust team of specialized consultants in search and selection of personnel, as well as in consulting on various issues related to Human Talent in multiple sectors and countries, thus ensuring the provision of a timely and decisive service to each of the companies that entrust us with the selection and/or training of their professionals.

We currently add more than 10 years of experience in the management of processes, both individual and massive, at local and regional level.

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